Preview 430 PM- Sale begins 6 PM

4995 Victoria Avenue in Niagara Falls

Multiple consignors have contributed their items for this weeks auction.    
Pictures will be added to gallery leading up to auction date. Check back often for additions. Look to find collectibles, artwork, jewellery displays, jewellery, home décor, ephemera, glassware, furniture, clothing, winter jackets, toys, doors, onyx, royal items, lamps, coin, stamps, tools, postcards, 42 inch Plasma TV Samsung, movie posters, and so much more.    
We will showcase a vast array of novel, practical, modern, vintage, retro, and antique. Refreshments will be available. We are accepting consignors for our next live auction dates. Give us a call! Please consider preregistering! See you there!

Look for new pictures everyday up to auction day.

March 21st, 2019 and every Thursday Night is Live Auction Night

Absentee Bids will be accepted until 4pm Thursday Auction Night.

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